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We are a venture capital company specializing in financing innovative Start Ups. We support innovative and strong potential business projects.

- We put our experience at the service of young entrepreneurs
- We design your investments
- We develop synergies
- We assume the inherent risk of Start Up
- Follow-up of the project from its incubation to development
- Investment made through the company's own capital
- We offer experience capital and business networking
- We transform the potential value of opportunities into real value
- We offer organization and development methodologies
- Accelerate your business and realize global growth
- Experienced team in technical and commercial management
- New business development and branding experience
- Strong management skills
- Strong people management and business execution experience
- Investor relations
- We actively seek partnerships with qualified people and companies looking for new revenue streams
- We support the entrepreneurial spirit, through our knowledge, skills and capital investments, aiming at creating innovative and competitive companies
- Our mission is to provide access to finance allowing them to start up, launch new products, increase innovative production capacity and transform knowledge into profitable products